Nauchandi Mela is a month long traditional fair held every year a week after the festival of Holi at Nauchandi Ground in Meerut. The mela (fair) is believed to have started in 1672 for the cattle traders. Some believe that the mela was a revenue-collection fair set up by the British, while devout Hindus believe that Mandodari, the wife of king Ravana, built a temple for goddess Chandi in Meerut and started this religious festival fair. Irrespective of when and who started this mela, presently all the communities of Meerut and regions around it participate and enjoy this famous mela. The mela has stalls selling handicrafts, glassware, textiles, furniture, leather, jewellery, ceramics etc. There is circus, gaint wheels, nautankis, music and cultural performances apart from food stalls.